Saturday, February 2, 2008

Election Year

I think I was right about the positive effect of the writer's strike. The current wasteland that is TV has left a vacuum that has been filled with an exciting primary season. I believe people have been coming out to vote in the primaries in record numbers. People actually seem to be really engaged and are very ready for change. I cannot wait to see the Bush-Cheney war, debt accrual, hate generating, environment destroying machine be dismantled. I hope it is a very public process that will reveal the insidiousness of the Bush administration and all the damage it has wrought upon America. I am still very hopeful it can be repaired and we can once again accurately claim that we are the best and most powerful nation in the world for the right reasons...not just cause we have the most powerful military.

The Clinton/Obama race is still so up in the air, I honestly still don't know who to vote for on Super Tuesday. I am very titillated by the idea of a Clinton for Prez and Obama VP ticket. I don't think it will work in the reverse--Hill wants to be top dog.

I am glad Giluani is outta there, he really had little to offer. I think John McCain is too old to be prez and Huckabee is a nutter.

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