Friday, September 5, 2008


OK so the speeches a the DNC were all excellent. I was pleased that Obama was sharp and firm and didn't talk like a preacher. Bill and Hill were both excellent. I felt like Hillary looked and sounded like a president (maybe in the future). I did support Hillary in the primaries but now I am behind Obmama and I think Biden was a good choice.

Now, on to the RNC. I did not watch as much of these chuckle heads, but I did watch Sarah Palin and McCain. Sarah's speaking skills are excellent. I was most impressed. She was very comfortable, engaging, and even funny. However, her speech and McCain's speech said NOTHING about what they plan to do to fix this hot mess of a country. They were both just stroking the republicans off about how great they are and what a great country this is.

I remain hopeful that Obama will win and this country may actually be able to turn itself around and get its collective head out of it ass. However, the Palin Power is real and I think she will have a lot of appeal to many people, especially those who are not so keen on McCain but don't want Obama. The thought of her as Prez in case McCain croaks is a bit scary. I thinkt he Dems really need to pound it into Americans heads that McCain=Bush, McCain=Bush, McCain=Bush. Because everyone (including republicans) hate Bush.

Get out and vote...for OBAMA!!!

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